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A Surprisingly Short Review Of Superman Returns by Ray Printer Friendly

So I watched Superman Returns today. I usually get to see one movie every four months or so, so watching two in one weekend is pretty exciting. Even more exciting was that I had a great time at the movies today.

It was almost a complete 360 from my movie-going experience yesterday. Except I was still sick. Freakin’ kid germs, man—they just. don’t. die.

Instead of a jam-packed theater, there was more than enough space for everyone today—even empty seats in between parties. Instead of sitting next do some death-smelling dipshit, I was sitting behind a woman who smelled like she had just shampooed her hair. She didn’t smell like flowers or anything, but she had a nice clean smell about her, which I really appreciated. Instead of being three feet away from the screen, I was far enough back that I could actually see the it. And instead of being harshly disappointed, I actually enjoyed the movie.

I doubt anyone really uses my movie critiques to judge a movie, but if you do, be warned that you should not go into Superman Returns as a grown-up. If you go in thinking about plot and logic and semantics, there’s a good chance that you’ll be disappointed. But if you go in thinking about that kind of shit, you should be going to watch a different movie, anyway—this is Superman we’re talking about.

I’ll be honest with you: I’m not really a Superman fan. It isn’t all that fun to have a hero that’s pretty much invincible. But I liked this movie. It just…I don’t know. Felt right.

Like I said, I’m not really into Superman, so if you’re a hard-core comic book fan, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to bitch about. If you’re someone who wants logic and wants all the loose ends tied up, you’ll find plenty wrong with it.

But if you go in wanting to see some good special effects, a good story, and a movie about Superman—some guy that flies around and saves people and tries to do the right thing—you’ll more than likely be happy.

I was, anyway.


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