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Crowning Glory by Carey Printer Friendly

What is the only part of the human anatomy that can make us flaunt like a peacock or hide behind a "wall" of obscurity? The one completely changeable feature we all possess that can turn us into completely different apparitions?

It is none other then that four lettered word that gets casually tossed around amongst all members of the human species...HAIR.

In preparing this little piece of nonsense I call an article I found some very interesting facts about hair. Did you know that the average number of hairs on the head are 100,000? And are you aware that same number changes depending on your hair color? Or that the annual growth of hair is approximately 12 cm. and the maximal hair growth is 70 to 90 cm?

Hair is not only a mere conglomeration of 100,000 or so 0.1 mm appendages sprouting out from the top of our heads (if we are lucky), but also a key part of our identity. Television hasn't lost sight of the fact that once we begin losing it we will do anything in our power to get it back. Advertisements hawking toupees, hair weaves, wraps, plugs, and pills to stimulate new growth inundate us on a regular basis. Promises are made that your life will improve and you will get that much deserved job, boyfriend/girlfriend, better body, etc. if only you had that mop on top of your head.

Well, I say enough is enough to all the trappings that our hair has to offer. I propose that we rebel against the "man" and shave of all our hair and begin a movement making hats fashionable once again.

Just think how much money we could save bypassing all the hair care products and allowing our scalps the pleasure of being nestled into a fedora, or bowler, or derby.

You can just imagine the joy of milliners across the country as they realize there prayers have finally been answered. Their product is once again in fashion, and their artisitc endeavors will be seen once more.

So what do you say folks? Are you with me? I'd love to continue this rant but I've got a hair appointment in the city I need to get to. Hmmmm...I wonder if I have enough time to stop off and buy a hat?


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