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Back To Normal by Ray Printer Friendly

Whatís up, kids?

In Ray news, my princess got back from Mexico, safe and sound. Her first meal after returning from Mexico? McDonalds, of course.

I had the house cleaned, so when she walked in, she was greeted by the pleasant smells of clean linen and sweet candles, as opposed to the stud-funk that I had noticed building up since Wednesday or so. Thank goodness for Carpet Fresh and laundry soap, thatís alls Iím saying.

The bedroom was actually too hot to sleep inóthank you, Austin weather. I keep the thermostat at about eighty or so during the day, trying to keep my electric bill down and all, but itís been getting so hot lately that even if I crank that shit when I get home, it still doesnít cool down until around four in the morning.

We ended up building a little sleep-spot in the middle of the living room (the same place that Iíve been passing out for most of the two weeks she has been gone, actually, and the coolest place in the apartment), and she was asleep in a matter of minutes. I thought about hopping up and writing something, but it felt so good to have her next to me again, I decided to stay put. I was asleep not long after, and when I woke up a few hours later, the house had actually cooled down enough so that I could cuddle up next to her.

I woke up sometime during the night to the sound of heavy rain and loud lightingómy favorite kind of weather. When I got up this morning, I ventured out to Krispy Kreme for a box of donuts, and she told me about her trip while we ate breakfast.

All in all, itís been a great weekend.


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