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Weather Alert by Carey Printer Friendly

The sun is still shining but the air is heavy and impending

like a pregnant belly waiting to relieve its cargo.

Thunderclaps can be heard in the distance

far away still, but fast approaching.

Blue skies are soon covered by dark grey ominous clouds.

Fat round drops of rain slowly hit the pavement

making Rorschack Tests where they land.

Without warning the sky suddenly lets loose a torrent of condensation.

The rain beats down on the rooftops and tree leaves

soaking those souls who left their umbrellas behind.

Thunder crashes and brings this musical to a crescendo.

The sun tries valiantly to hold its position and peaks out intermittently through the clouds

a ray of hope in a dense wet curtain.

Not to be outdone the sky once again let's out a mighty roar

flashes of lightening strike and enforce its stronghold.

This violent dance continues with no end in sight.

Unexpectedly the clouds begin passing

like a traveler who stops for a coffee and a smoke but knows the journey is ongoing.

The rain drops have lost their tempo

and the thunderous beat soon fades to silence.

Only the cool breeze and soggy pedestrians betray this fleeting summer visitor.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-05-29 23:36:51

I like that a ready-to-be-born baby is referred to as “cargo.” If I’m ever unlucky enough to have children, I think that’s what I’ll name the third one. “You better get out there and make that money, Cargo, less’n you want to sleep out with the pigs tonight!” Yeah, I like the sound of it.

Entered By Carey From NYC
2006-05-29 23:53:00

That was just for you Ray Baby! And I think Penske would make a fabulous name for the first or second child.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-05-30 00:29:42

Sorry, man, but there’s no room for Penske—first girl’s named Hockeystick Jones (no hyphen, but it’s all the first name—my children won’t get middle names until they earn them). First son is named Terrible Mistake. “Cargo” can be either, I suppose. If I end up with any more children than that, I’m selling them on the baby black market.

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