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Fifty-Fives by Jesse Printer Friendly

Preface: Hello, Strangelanders. I was reminded of an exercise from my high school days this evening. The objective is an entire story in exactly 55 words. It's troublesome, yet fun. Give it a try. Here's a few I came up with tonight. Eh... Enjoy.



Delight shone like summer on the many round faces of the circle, some tonguing their gap-toothed grins. In the middle, with the biggest smile of all painted on, was the artist.

“With these hands, I create happiness.” She thought, reveling in red-nosed magic.

Amazed hands reached up thankfully.

“With this giraffe, I thee gratify.”


On the corner of 34th and Carington lives a man who knows the smell of a thunderstorm, the taste of dandelions, and exactly what a dollar can buy. He’s as human as they come, with chapped lips and a strong smile that he gives to everyone. He’s built to last, like denim- worn, but stable.


Pumpkin van Eskins was the saddest 1st grader ever. Convinced as she was that no one wanted to have a bestfriend named Pumpkin, she sat at the back of the bus for Mrs. Lowry’s class zoo trip. The brakes went out and the bus crashed into the lions’ den. Good thing lions don’t eat pumpkins.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-05-12 22:29:55

Good...game? Oh, yeah, exercise. Good exercise. Except it's hard to count that high when you're...well, when you're me.

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