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Random ramblings by rik Printer Friendly

Wouldn't it be cool if there were random stick-figure people walking around? We could work with them, go to school with them, borrow a cup of sugar from them. However, as many neighbor's as I've had, I have never had one of them come over and ask to borrow a cup of sugar. Does nobody bake anymore? Do they know that I might not have sugar? One time I did have a neighbor whose patio was across and up stairs from mine. She came outside when I was outside smoking one night, and yelled out: "Hey, do you have a pony my friend can use?" And I'm thinking: "What the hell? Why the fuck would I, of all people, have a pony, and even if I did have a pony--why would I keep it in an apartment." Granted, I did live downstairs, but still--I think a pony is a little unreasonable. To make a long story a bit shorter, turns out she was talking about a tampon. Apparently the word "tampon" was too embarassing for her friend to have her ask for, but she was fine with yelling out a conversation about a pony and me asking her what exactly was it she was needing. So yeah, just a tampon. Never sugar. And why wouldn't people have their own sugar, now that I think of it. I think there are some things that you just never run out of in your household. And I don't really mean YOUR household. I mean mine. Like the following: Equal, eggs, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, canned vegetables, sugar, shampoo, cereal. It's not that I never have to buy these things. I think it's that I buy them all the time--without even knowing I need them. I swear, at one time, I had 5 containers of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter in my fridge along with 54 eggs. I don't even eat eggs that often, but apparently some voice inside my head kept saying, "buy the eggs...buy the eggs." But I was out of ketchup, which was weird. I try not to run out of ketchup, because I can't stand to not have ketchup. And, yes, I am a ketchup snob. It must be Heinz. If it's not, then I get that feeling in my stomach like when you go to somebody's house, and instead of having regular milk or even 2 percent, they have skim milk, and you have to use milky water on your cereal. That really pisses me off. Anyway, back to ketchup. I can live without any other condiment, but when it comes to fries, beef, most chicken, sometimes fish, occasionally burritos--it's almost not even worth it if you don't have ketchup. Maybe that's why I do occasionaly run out--because I use it quite often. I think right now I have at least 10 different types of cereal in my cabinet. Cereal is awesome. I enjoy the sugary kinds most of all--especially if they have marshmellows--and even more if they're chocolate. Sorry about the rambling, Strangelanders, but it's been an insane week, and I just felt the need to type nonsense.

I wonder what kind of cereal stick-figure people would eat. And I wonder if you could see it going down to their belly.


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