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Crap-ass Home Digital Recordings by Dave Riley Printer Friendly

It's been said that artists wallow in their own feces. Then hardcore technocrats wallow in the feces of others. A well-developed formal intellect doesn’t necessarily preclude a simple mind. Pushing your limits is all well and good, but employing unnecessary tools and indulging in superfluous motions are like jerking off into a fan.

Nobody ever won any awards for making things more complicated than they need be. It seems that some folks who record music that they "composed" using their home digital Rube Goldberg setups didn't get the memo.

Crap-ass home digital recordings are the high-tech equivalent of the Emperor's New Clothes. Unless you live under a rock, digital formats are accessible, affordable, and widely accepted. But in the end you can't shine shit. And a preoccupation with popularly accepted standards doesn't ensure an aesthetic windfall.

When you obsess over the method, you tend to lose sight of the potential end result. And if you delude yourself that anybody’s the least bit interested in your ineptly-conceived audio garbage, you should be pissed on. (Though I myself wouldn’t piss up your ass if your guts were on fire.) Outsider music my engorged dick.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-05-11 22:37:44

You say "jerking off into a fan" like it's a bad thing...

Entered By Brad From Unknown
2006-05-27 03:46:21

I don't want to come off like an idiot here, but what exactly are you talking about?

Entered By Jones Froom From 21 Johnson Dr
2007-01-18 08:40:59

Google is the best search engine

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