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What I'm Listening To by Trey Printer Friendly

Years ago I started boycotting radio because it sucks, and since I have my TV hooked up to a 5 dollar set of rabbit ears with tinfoil on the tips, I don’t even have access to the music wasteland that is MTV and VH1.

Basically, I cut myself off from normal sources of new music and have fallen terribly behind.

A couple of weeks back I was slacking at work and read an article about WOXY a radio station that had decided to go totally digital and stop broadcasting over the airwaves. Since most of their advertisers jumped ship on them, they decided to go a step further and make it commercial free and ask their listeners to support them financially. I was curious and they seemed to have good street cred, so I checked it out. Like most radio, the majority is shit, but I was surprised to run across a few bands I actually liked. Since I’m just sitting around smoking and listening to tunage anyway, I decided to let you know what I’m listening to now. You probably won’t like most of it, but hey, it’s free.

The Vibrations - 87.

The Heartless Bastards - New Resolution. For some reason, I really dig this band. The lead singer has a totally crazy voice, and they’re all ugly as sin. I’ve actually been looking for a newer song of theirs called ‘The Will Song’, but I haven’t been able to find a free download. This one is good as well. If you dig it, they have a couple of other songs available through the Fat Possum website.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Young Shields. Kinda strange. Try it, you might like it.

Dot Allison (with Death in Vegas) - Dirge. I’ve been a Death in Vegas fan for years, and I have a feeling this song is more Death in Vegas than Dot Allison, still it’s cool if you’re into grungy electronic goodness. They have a lot more songs on their website including one they (or she) did with the immortal Massive Attack, but unfortunately they’re all in funky file formats and are a bit of a hassle to listen to unless you are already using Itunes.

The Presets - Are You the One. Very cool stuff. In the vein of Ladytron and Fischerspooner, but I might like them even more. I’m not sure the link will keep working since you have to send them an email before they’ll tell you where it’s at (nazis), but their website is very cool as well.

Some other bands I’ve been listening to but I can’t find mp3's for are:

Gossip: You can check out some of their songs on their Myspace site. She’s chubby and pissed off. For reasons I can’t quite explain, I really dig "Yr Mangled Heart". Standard angry girl garage rock, but much better than most.

The Black Angels. Straight out’a Austin. They force you to listen to tunes through their Myspace site as well.

Gnarls Barkley is probably the best of this bad lot. Another Myspace whore (and his page is over 2 meg and annoying to open). His ‘Crazy’ song is the number one in Britain right now, and if you haven’t heard it yet you probably will soon.

Since I’m still in the mood, I’ll toss you a few more I’ve been listening to for awhile.

Cat Power has been around for years. I own all of her albums. Apparently she’s totally crazy, crying and rolling around on the floor at her shows, but she’s got some truly great stuff. Her latest album, The Greatest, is excellent all the way through. I’ve been listening to a weird remix of one of her songs a lot lately. Hate. It’s really not her true style. She’s more of a vocalist. A better sample of her style is The Greatest. Two of my favorite songs are also by Cat Power. No downloads for them, but if you like to pirate look for ‘Cross Bones Style’ and her completly awesome cover of The Stone’s ‘Satisfaction’.

I have no idea where I first came across this song. No vocals, just pure chill goodness. Prefuse 73 - Pagino Cinco

Jim Guthrie - Nightime Anytime is pretty good. I heard it first on a cd Julian Harris gave me on my b-day last year. Believer 25th Issue Compilation. I have no idea where he found it, but the whole thing is great. Jim Guthrie’s song isn’t even close to the best one on there. Still, the song is worth a listen.

Well kids, I have to pack and go to bed. Heading down to Big D tomorrow to see the folks and enjoy some of that good Texas sunshine.

And remember, visit allofmp3 for all your semi-illicit downloading needs. I’ve been using them for years. Supposedly it’s even legal due to some strange loophole in Russian broadcast licensing and our trade agreement with them. If it shows up in Russian, look for the little ‘english’ link on the page.


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