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Everybody FunnyóNow You Funny Too by Ray Printer Friendly

I got an odd request tonight. It was from someone that wanted to post, but had a hard time doing so because his computer kept skitzing out. ďJust post this, if you can,Ē he said to me. And I can, so here:


Everybody, I know itís rough and I know itís hard, but keep the fuckiní faith.

I mean, Iím serious, because no matter how bad it gets, no matter how bad you may feel, thereís always something to be happy about, thereís always something to fight for, thereís always something to live for.

Thereís always something to keep going for.

The world needs us. If you can think, or feel, or believe, or any of that? If you can reason, or live without reason?

Everyone that can think or feel, weíre the ones that world is aiming for, weíre the ones that world needs. It needs us to say, to say itís worth it to feel, itís worth it to think. Itís worth it to go for something even if we get hurt, thatís why the world needs us. Because without us, thatís when the world dies.

And youíve got what it takes. If youíre here, reading this, listening to this, living it. If youíre going after the shit that hurts, if youíre here and you know what Iím talkiní about.

I am lost, and Iím no guide, but Iím right by your side.


I love that last line. ďI am lost, and Iím no guide, but Iím right by your side.Ē Genius. Because anyone that claims to know whatís going on in this day and age is obviously full of shit. ďIím just as messed up as you, but I gotícher back,Ē thatís what the guy is saying, I think. And for some reason, thatís one of the nicest sentiments Iíve ever heard. No false proclamations of leadership, just the honest promise of sinking on the same ship.

Weíre all in this together, Strangelanders, and Iím all in with this guyóI donít know what the hell is going on, but whatever it is, Iím right here beside youÖwith my baseball bat.

ĎNight, Liíl Homies.


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