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A Weds. Night... by Trey Printer Friendly

A wendensday night...

Following in the footsteps of the great authors of old, I got good and drunk to post the intro for this month's issue.

First, the good news. Our boy Ray is back with 2 portly boy stories and a couple of rants. It's about time you poverty stricken bastard.

So, NYC. Tensions are running high. Cops, security, and assorted other uniform clad goons are walking my streets packing heavy heat. Unless it holds has a 20 round clip, do not apply. It feels like Tel Aviv, or maybe Cairo. A city under siege. Why, you might ask, has our little city turned over night into a police state?

Because the eyes of angry terrorists everywhere are trained on my little section of the world. New York City. All 10 million of her. One out of 25 of all people in this entire land are currently residing on this 2 mile by 10 mile little island. More bang for you buck, as it goes.

So be it, I say! Only the bold survive in a world as twisted as ours. Go to work, do the grind, collect those paychecks, don't think about that backpack clad ball of fire waiting to snuff you out in a single brilliant flash of angry light. I have bills to bay, a mortgage to keep up.

So what? Is the city a bit more tense? Are we notoriously hostile New Yorkers connected to a bit shorter fuse these days? Fugitaboutit... Come what may, the business of New York is business. Come hell or high water, we soldier on, if only because we have nothing else to do.

In other news, The Strangelands, odd little place that it is, now shows up in Yahoo searches. God help us. Anonymity is a gift, so rapidly taken away. Type in the name of your favorite Strangelands author, and there we are. Oops. Run while you can.

To you, dear reader rare as you are, welcome back! Hopefully you'll find something worth your while in our odd little corner of the net this month.

Life is short. We all end up in the back of a hearse some day, gliding by in smooth black and chrome. Live it up while you can, and enjoy the show.

It's still cheaper than therapy...


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