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Where has the time gone? by rik Printer Friendly

I have to drive 45 minutes every morning to get from my apartment to my work, and from the time I pull into the parking lot at work until I get to my desk, something strange happens to the time. I swear it doesnít even take 2 minutes for me to get out of my car, go in the building, and turn on my computer. I usually get there about 7:28 a.m. (give or take a few minutes), but when I turn on my computer and look at the clock, 9 minutes have already passed. No, my clocks at home arenít set wrong. Well, thatís a lie because every one of my clocks at homeóexcept for oneóis set wrong, and that's the clock on my cell phone. Intentionally. They range anywhere from 6 minutes to 1 hour and 17 minutes of. Except for this one clock in my living room, and itís something different every day. I would change the batteries, but itís comforting to me for some reason. However, it does make visitors rather uncomfortable. Have you ever noticed what time does to people? The next time you think someone will be at your house for a designated amount of time (in other words, not one of those people who come over and stay for hours or days at a timeóthose people donít seem to be too conscious of time), set your clocks different and see if they ever notice. And if they do notice, watch them and see if a look of confusion and concern for your well being flashes through their eyes when they realize that you canít live anywhere comfortably with all the clocks set at the same correct time in your house. I do the same thing with calendars. In my living room, I have three (I think) calendars. One is turned to the current month. One is turned to last month. The other one is still turned to October of last year. This isnít a neurotic thing, itís just that the last calendar hangs on a wall behind a chair that involves climbing on the chair to change it, and since itís a rocking-sort of chair, and I always have clean laundry piled in that chair, it really hasnít seemed worth the trouble in six months. So I have to wonder if we really need time? I donít believe we do (and I work at a place that revolves around time and schedules). But Iím willing to do away with it if everyone else would just realize how unimportant we could make it. Possibly this is a bad idea, but itís really pisses me off when time screws with me. If I know itís only been 2 minutes from my car to my desk, then I think the clocks should reflect that and not say that it takes me 9 minutes to do all of this. Nine minutes may not sound like much, but when you count on those 9 minutes to get your day ready to go at work, it really is a lot. So, I lost another 9 minutes today, and Iíll never find it, Iím sure. But I spent 16 minutes putting together this little ramble, so I do feel a bit better about things. Have a better day everyone!

Entered By Trey From NYC
2006-04-06 16:48:53

Obviously those 7 missing minutes are being used by aliens to check the progress of their experiments. Sorry, you've been 'probed'...

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-04-07 01:10:08

You get all that time back: when you're waiting in traffic, when you're at the dentist, when you're being anally violated by a Sprite bottle because you lost one lousy bet--times like that. Did you not get the memo from the Life-Suh-Bitch Corporation about time allocation and proper use of genitalia? It was about what you'd expect. Time flies, blah blah, time drags, blah blah, you'll go blind, blah blah, stay away from the grape jam, blah blah.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2006-04-07 03:23:33

I think you're right, Trey. It must be the aliens, which also explains a bellybutton incident I experienced once. Interesting, Ray. I never figured you for the type to not like being anally violated by any type of soft drink.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-04-08 02:34:53

It was actually a diet Sprite.

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