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An overachiever by Carey Printer Friendly

Thirteen years ago I decided that I really wanted a pet in my life and contemplating my busy lifestyle I figured a cat would suit me just right.

I picked Dylan (also fondly known as Mr. Goose) out of a litter of kittens born on a farm in Westport, MA. I remember looking at the litter of fuzzballs all huddled in a bunch and trying to decide which one I would keep when Dylan decided to pick me. He was the scrawniest cat in the litter with gigantic front paws who made his way to me and stood boldly before me almost daring me not to pick him. His personality and boldness made him stick out from the rest of the pack.

I fell in love immediately.

After bringing him into the house and acquainting him with his new surroundings I accidentally stepped on his tail. At this point he hissed as loudly as he could and stormed into my bedroom closet. After much coaxing and bribery with food I still could not convince him to come out, and he sat in the shadows between a plethora of shoes and out-of-season clothes showing his defiance. I think he finally ventured out after about an hour and proceeded to appraise me with a wary eye. That night my ex-husband came home and his first comment was "why didn't you pick one that would live?"

Well, all I have to say is we sure did show him. Not only did Mr. Goose outlast my brief marriage, but he provided me with a constant source of company for many years after.

With a heavy heart and deep saddness today I bid him a final goodbye. In typical independent Goose fashion he decided to leave this world in repose under the wine colored velvet chair he loved to lounge on and leave much fur behind in his wake.

I and many of my friends who have grown to know and love him will miss him.

Thank you for the wonderful memories and the constant companionship. More Goose Pics

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