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Michael Jackson's Teddy Bears by Trey Printer Friendly

According to this report from the New York Daily News, Michael Jackson is concerned his teddy bears might be bugged.

Now I ask you, what has the world come to when a grown, 40+ year old plastic surgery victim can no longer even trust his teddy bears? No one should live in a world where a multimillionaire's teddy bears can be ruthless violated by evil law enforcement officers.

Join me in writing to your congressman about this travesty. At the very least, the american tax payer should share in any expenses Mr. Jackson has incurred while poking, prodding, scanning, caressing, and reassuring his teddy bears.

If you believe that Michael Jackson should have the right to cuddle with his plush friends without fear, show your support now.

Entered By Trey From cowtown
2010-01-22 05:00:02

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