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Crazy IT Guy by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

I have come to the conclusion that IT guys are creepy! Ever since starting at the company I work at there has been this IT guy that I have nick named “Crazy IT Guy!” Why you ask is this man crazy? Well, let me just say that he won’t stop starring at my boobs.

Every time he comes into my cube, I dread it oh so much, he seems to have a skip in his step. And says lines like “Couldn’t wait to see me today?” and “You break your computer on purpose that’s why you want to see me!” while looking at my chest with a grin.

I bumped into him the other day coming around the corner and guess where his eyes were while murmuring something under his breath. He also won’t stop telling me about how’s he’s going to concrete something in his house and how the wallpaper on his computer is of the universe and that the planets are not to scale with the sun or distance from another. Or the fact that he wants to put this gun wallpaper but the company won’t let him because it might offend someone “I’m a shooter, by the way” he says.

Now I don’t care if you look at my boobs just don’t make it obvious and constant.


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