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New York Goggles by Carey Printer Friendly

I recently had a conversation with a few friends which included some folks from out of town about the standard of living in NYC. I began bragging about the low cost of my monthly rent and what a great deal I was getting ($700 dollars a month with no utilities, for those of you who care).

I began to sing the praises of my studio apartment with gusto. It was at that point that everyone's favorite admin (yes, Mr. Kerrigan himself) interrupted me and began to expound on some of my abode's less then desirable qualities.

Sure it's true that my windows leak on a regular basis whenever it rains, or that I've spotted a new water stain and subsequent leak from my living room ceiling, or that my kitchen ceiling is slowly deteriorating and every week I find new paint chips on the floor, or that I could probably plant mushrooms on my moldy bathroom ceiling- that is before I routinely clean it with water and bleach ;)

Then a comparison was made to the type of apartment I could rent any other place in the country for the same amount. After a brief moment of wistfulness and perhaps a twinge of envy I proceeded the way any savvy New Yorker would in this situation. After tossing my head back (as though I had luxurious long locks) and flashing my most dazzling smile I laughed and said with confidence "But guys, I live in New York City!"

Some of you may still be shaking your head in complete bewilderment and wondering what the hell I am still doing in this mad cap city. My only reply is come up and visit and experience for yourself, enough said.


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