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Redesign Rollout by Trey Printer Friendly

So, I rolled out the redesign tonight.

There were all sorts of problems and the site was down for a bit of time tonight. For those of you who care, it turns out my 20 buck a year webhost is using a really old version of mysql. Because of this, when I rolled out the code a bunch of the SQL wouldn't work. Wasn't easy to find documentation for a database that old, but I think I have everything working now.

There might still be some problems.

If things are looking messed up for you, try clicking 'reload' on your browser a couple of times.

I added some features to the gallery menus.

1)Only galleries that actually contain albums show up in the Galleries menu.

2)If a photoalbum in a gallery has been updated in the last 2 weeks the gallery name will be red in the menu. When a person views that gallery, the updated photoalbum will be highlighted and there'll be a little message that tells you the last time the photo gallery was updated.

I wanted to add something that would actually show when a post has comments attached to it, but it's late and I'm going to bed.

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2006-03-17 13:17:09

You deserved some rest after doing all that big-boy work. Hope you had sweet dreams, little trooper.

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