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Redesign by Trey Printer Friendly

So, after a bit more than 2 years, I was thinking that the site needs a redesign.

I have a tentative design already up. Since we have this new fangled comment system, how bout you folks check it out and let me know what you think.

NOTE: the site is not all updated. Only the first page has the new look and feel. Everything else will look funky.

The biggest changes are to the menus.

The drop down menu is gone and everything is all listed out. There are two reasons for this. The first reason: drop downs are annoying. The second reason: I would like to be able to indicate gallery updates. It's not functional yet, but it would be cool to have some sort of visual indicator that a gallery has changed. To do so, I needed to take the menu items out of the drop down box.

Also, the author list now only lists authors who have posted at least one post. The same needs to be implemented for the galleries. Authors are also now listed in order of how many posts they have posted.

I added one other small bell and whistle to the menus. If you click on one of the menu headings, it will alternately hide/show that menu section.

Anyway, keeping in mind that it is still a work in progress check it out and come back here to let me know what you think.


The Admin

Entered By Ray From Austin, TX
2006-03-14 05:57:13

Itís good, man. New and frightening, or course, but Iíve heard that change is good. Seriously, I like it. It is strange, though, after seeing the site look pretty much the same since itís creation. And of course, Iím easily impressedóooh, is that the color gray? Amazing!

Entered By Dave Riley From Unknown
2006-03-14 21:54:52

Slicker than owl shit on a brass doorknob if you ask me. Which you did. Kind of.

Entered By Trey From NYC
2006-03-15 04:37:44

Thanks for the input. Carey didn't like it, but she also didn't post her rejection, so I feel justified in ignoring it. I think Ray might have a point about the grayness. I'm still messing with stuff.

Entered By Carey From NYC
2006-03-15 18:20:05

I didn't say I didn't like it, just different! Nuff said.

Entered By rik From Unknown
2006-03-16 17:28:36

Well done, Trey. I like it.

Entered By Addie From Austin
2006-03-25 22:53:49

I'm diggin' on the new design. True it's a bit austere, but well organized and streamlined without all those pulldowns. And its grayness sort of sets up a nicely blank canvas for all of the colorful oddity of you strangelanders. I'll admit though, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't some sort of funny/suprising link (photo, odd site, or otherwise) hidden in and amongst the individual letters of 'the strangelands' on top of the pages.

Entered By Trey From NYC
2006-03-27 05:44:58

Hmmm... I kind of like Addie's 'funny suprising links' idea. I'm going to ponder on that one. If anybody has suggestions for links, I'd be interested in hearing them. Of course, it's doubtful that many people will actually read this comments since it's attached to an older post. We'll see.

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