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Drunk on a monday... by Trey Printer Friendly

The evening started innocent enough. A bit of dinner, maybe a movie, then to bed early as reasonable people are want to do.

Of course, plans are made for changing.

The whiskey has been flowing, and the smokes have been burning. Six hours of sleep? Plenty! Any son of Texas can live off four, even less if he needs. What's 2 a.m. but a possibility for more drunken rambling?

No hostility tonight. The weather is much too nice.

I'm sure some of you (maybe one, at least) are wondering what has happened to our earstwhile writer of almost some repute, Ray Lee Weeks. He is being regularly harrassed by your's truly. Sure, he might not have a computer, or internet access, or probably even a phone (living in the wilds of Austin as he does), but NO EXCUSE says you loyal host.

Got off your ass and find an internet cafe you babbling bastard! (I do so love the occasional illiteration)

In the meanwhile, it is left to me, and my gal friday Miss Carey Hyde, to fill in the empty pages.

Hmmm... something of value and worth is needed here...such big shoes to fill...

Here I sit, broken hearted.

Came to write,

and only partied...

(yeah, who needs to rhyme)

G'night All.


The Admin


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