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One Born Every Minute by Dave Riley Printer Friendly

In urban art-damaged neighborhoods/communities, barely talented dimwits devoid of basic social skills who don't bother to maintain reasonable grooming regimens are regarded as artistic geniuses. As time merrily skips along, these artistic geniuses become sages. Misguided idiots consider the dysfunctional behavior of wanna-be-bohemian fucktards superior by mere virtue of it's failure to be accepted into the mainstream. There's nothing more pathetic than, or as irritating as, a bunch of pompous whining self-styled martyrs who are not, as they believe, feared or ostracized but are ignored because they suck out loud.

Wide-eyed lickspittles with blank-slate personalities invariably make the same mistakes of the established groups against which they presume to rebel; they create a parallel of the same social conventions that they claim to forsake. These "new" groups and conventions adopt names different from those of their forerunners. Simple-minded people think that renaming (and instituting a different dress code) is tantamount to an overhaul. Fortunately these bed-wetting losers tend to travel in packs and keep to themselves.

Entered By Trey From NYC
2006-03-02 04:53:12

Dude, where were you during hate week?

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