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2 Years by Trey Printer Friendly

(FYI, Whoever I've been 'borrowing' internet access from finally wised up locked down his network. I wrote this weeks ago, but haven't been able to post it. Finally just burnt it to a CD and hauled it to work. Didn't want to miss the anniversary completely...)

This month is The Strangelandís two year anniversary.

Whoíd of thunk it?

Two years ago Ray and I had our spreading asses nestled happily on folding camp furniture in my shit hole apartment, we were chain smoking 7 dollar a pack cigarettes, and knocking back glass after glass of cheap whiskey (or, in the especially lean times, 7 dollar a liter rum. Mmmm, Castillo Gold, you liqued devil).

We didnít know what we were doing. Hell, we still donít know what we are doing. But somewhere in the middle of all our drunken ramblings and endless strings of profanity one of us decided we should put up a website. Mostly so we wouldnít have to be the only people suffering through our boring rants. In that moment, somewhere between 5 am and sunrise, before the music ended and the vomiting began, we hatched our plan. And two years later, here we remain.

At the time, this site was made possible by two facts.

The first was my unemployment. I had quit my very reasonable and well paying job with JPMorganChase to indulge my inner bum. I had decided that living in misery 8 hours a day is stupid, and I was sick of working for absolute morons. Maybe it was being just a few blocks from the World Trade Center on September 11, or maybe it was just my generally contrary nature, but I went to the office one day and told them Iíd had enough. When they asked why, I told them life is too short.

In all fairness, I donít think they were sorry to see me go. My last day I had a cubicle sale and sold off all the bullshit Iíd accumulated over the years, pocketed my 50 bucks in proceeds, and never looked back.

A gay Cuban friend of mine named Dave did throw me a kick ass going away party at his swank downtown pad that lasted much longer than heíd wished, and which degenerated into some pretty hot and heavy lesbian action. Being gay, Dave wasnít very into the girl on girl action, and was much more concerned with the state his sheets were going to end up in, but Ray managed to line him out.

The other reason this site exists is because Ray Lee (yes thatís his name and no he is not asian) writes more than most people shit. He canít help himself. If thereís a piece of paper or a blank screen in front of him he has to fill it up with insane ramblings and creepy stories. Constant literary diarrhea. Along with getting to watch him flopping around in a swimming pool like a drowning whale, it remains one of his few redeeming qualities. Well, those two along with the ability to stop gay Cubans from ending lesbian love fests. Good olí Ray.

So we started The Strangelands. But in our genius we decided to make it something more than two drunks babbling. We decided we wanted a place where people like ourselves, people who are a bit too weird for life and who have a tendency towards self destructive behaviour and run on sentences, could come together un-moderated, unknown, and un-controlled to show their demons to the world.

And friends, sometimes I even think this thing works. People actually read this stuff. More than that, people actually write this stuff.

I used to look at the site statistics on a regular basis, but decided, ďwhy botherĒ. Itís enough for me to just know that thereís people out there who find something worthwhile here at The Strangelands.

So, to all you whoíve been with us through the years, to all you who read our ramblings and find a kindred spirit, and to all you who have found a home here where you can let your own demons out to play, a big Thank You from the admin.

As long as you keep showing up and making The Strangelands a place worth being, Iíll keep reading. Hell, Iíll even keep paying the 20 bucks a year it takes to keep this shit rolling.

Happy Birthday Strangelands. And many more...


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