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6 months and counting... by Trey Printer Friendly

TheStrangelands.com is surprised to be celebrating it's 6 month anniversary.

Yes, it's true. Oh rare and appreciated reader, 6 months of odd, and sometimes entertaining, drabble have made their way from these pages into the dark squishy section of your mind.

In celebration, your's truly took the plunge and renewed the site for another 2 years. That's right, I layed down 30 whole simoleans to keep us in business. So look forward to 24 more months of insanity here in our little corner of the web.

It's cheaper than therapy.

In other news, our number one contributer has abandened his dirty futon in my living room and sought out greener pastures down Texas way. Hopefully, he'll stay lubricated enough on low cost cigarettes and booze to keep posting his mad rambles.

We wish you and your's the best Ray. You always have a place here at the strangelands.


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