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A New Year A New Abode by Carey Printer Friendly

Hello fellow strangelanders! I know, it's been too long since you seen a rant from yours truly grace these pages. But, I figure since it is a special month I should probably get off my butt and post something.

Anywho, as the title suggests, I have a new home. I am still living in NYC, haven't quite made it to Austin, TX as planned. I still live in Astoria with all the colorful emmigrants and wannabe actors and other elicit artist types. I even have a new zip code. I never realized that all it took was moving a few blocks over and a couple of avenues up to make this happen.

This new abode is actually Trey's old one. Although, to be quite honest he even has a difficult time remembering that because the place looks completely different. For those of you who never had the pleasure of visiting the man who lived in a bare apartment outfitted with Target camp chairs and sidewalk street furniture, oh and a big black gay sofa (so named by Trey) you might not realize the magnitude of this change.

Before I agreed to move in with Trey I asked him to hire a cleaning person to put a mop of soap and water to floors and spaces that forgot their original color six years ago. I found someone who didn't exactly live up to Mr. Cleans standards, but at least she touched the surface of many layers of filth and grime. Inspired by her efforts I too applied much elbow grease and started to see progress. With the place free of dust bears and scary ceiling cobweb art I realized it could actually look great with a bit of creative furniture placement and many garbage bag laden trips to the curb. In all fairness, Trey was a great sport about getting rid of most of his stuff.

The biggest changes occurred while his mom and brother were visiting us and helping out with the move. Linda (Trey's mom) decided that we really needed to look at what we had and what we didn't and then took us on a major shopping spree. Michael (Trey's brother) in the meantime, was busy changing light fixtures, installing ceiling fans and medicine cabinets and following us around while we shopped incessently.

I am happy to say that everyone's efforts paid off. We received the last of our furniture this week and can now comfortably lounge on the choice of a sofa or big leather chair with an ottoman. Trey layed claim to the big leather chair at the furniture store, so I curl up on the sofa in my own little paradise.

It is amazing what real furniture, a rug and better lighting can do for a place.

Even with all this great new stuff I still catch myself eyeballing street furniture left on the curb in our neighborhood while taking Zoey out for her walks. I guess you can take the street furniture out of the apartment but you can't always erase the novelty of it out of a girl's mind.

With that I will end this tirade and go back to my sofa oasis and pop in some form of entertainment that I can chill out to.


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