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Fate Our Tragic Harbor by Jesse Printer Friendly

Night shadow has consumed the land

The world's torch lies cold and broken

Humanity stood but couldn't stand

before a race that affronted them.

Of parliament and white house of cards

no soul nor fragment yet remains

Sad we few, broken, tired

Struggle for cover and away from madness.

The dawns today are shattered glass

torched atmosphere seared lungs

Rot is the new red at best

Foggy-eyed society hasn't worry one.

Not a rebel left still freedom fights

for the gains have left us all

Cower hidden lonesome righteous

Bravery masks are useless and hollow.

The face that smiled at our doom

Was not at all unlike our own

Simple eyes and brow, and groomed

Handshakes and smiles never slow.

If time could twist to send back warning

To those that led us here today

God help us! stay your angry arms

Sick mirrors hold your enemy.


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