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I misagreement yo josh/ by Jesse Printer Friendly

Allow me to promulgate (convenient Joshable link) a little of my own opinion... that the inherent worth of spelling, punctuation, and adhesive grammar remains self-evident. The purpose of these devices is to allow the clearest transmission of ideas from one mind to another, while their exclusion indicates only the bizarre and sickly state of the transmitting mind. Foul, vile, utterly despicable things those are.

Now, I don't want to seem too terribly violent - my intention is most certainly not to make my beloved strangelands a hostile enviroment, but I would like to protect her shores from the erosive properties of this sort of cerebral bereavement.

The absence of these beloved communicatives does have a place, shoJ , that I am aware of. Poetry. If you feel like alienating them, have at it - write a poem. But stay the hell away from prose if you can't show it some respect.

It's like the man said, "English, Motherfucker , do you speak it?"


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