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Wow, 2006. Nine months from now, I'll be reborn as a 24 year old, working class citizen. Fancy that. I wonder what other surprises this new year holds in store for me? Already, I'll be graduating... which is great cause I really make quite the crappy student, but unless I really luck out, it's going to be a long time before I can wake up after 11 o'clock with a horrible rush of dread.

I'm looking forward to it a little bit, actually. I've always wondered what it would be like to be a morning person. I think with the right kind of job I could enjoy getting up in the early hours. A long day feels good when you can look back and feel like you've accomplished something worth your time and effort. I'm definitely taking off somewhere before I have to get into all that though.

I'm thinking, island paradise. Lots of sun, nice breezes... I haven't had a tan in so long, I think I'd like to try that again. Maybe even a fruity drink or two. In a coconut, like on Gilligan's island... Except with all MaryAnnes and Gingers in the place of old people or poor sailors or scientists... Well, maybe scientists. As long as they have pretty faces and perky, firm breasts and an ache to get quantum physical in the sand and surf. No dags.

I hope the new year has started alright for everyone. Mine's certainly off with a shot like never before. Clean start too - new clothes, new haircut, no a drop of alcohol in my system this time around. I feel good. If this is the style of 2006, I welcome it.


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