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heres to the night. by STRANGE GIRL Printer Friendly

ok the margaritas are gone and the hight is nearing an end as well as other things. air supply CD croons of lovers splitting up and making up. HMMM? really? I ask myself the questions that keep me sane.

you know those questions when you find yourself on the brink of something scary and fascinating at the same time.

keep your head girl.

there are many things that run through your mind. how to sort it all out, words can never define. the pages of the journal fill quickly on reflections of me and you. where do i go from here? what do i do?

same shit different day.

another dollar another day.

a bird in the hand beats two in the bush.

and any other generic statement you can think of.....

6 of one,half dozen of the other.

anyway, heres to the night.


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