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waszis? by Jesse Printer Friendly

Well, that last post of mine got pretty well messed up it seems - with the this way out of place and the end paragraph above everything else at the top - due to some faulty htmling of mine. It's all better now.

So, coincidentally while I was reading your Rat post, Ray, I was also in the process of realizing my first T-shirt idea. It's rather personalized, so it won't be a big seller, but I'm gonna wear it threadbare in the coming semester I'm sure. I'll post a picture sometime. It's black and reads, simply, "PROPORTIONATE".

Merry Christmas, by the way, everyone. It's in the 3am hour, so I'm sure lunatic children will be waking up all over quite soon and padding out in their footy-pajamas to make a wide-eyed discovery of tree and stocking fortified with presents of all shapes and sizes, all filled with razor-sharp possum teeth and fresh litmus paper.... Sometimes I think I'll never understand Christian traditions.

So, more about me perhaps, since there is gender confusion though my name is quite obviously the masculine spelling - Christina Applegate's failed sitcom be damned. Fuck that bitch with a crowbar sideways. I'm male, I'm pale, I'm an Electrical Engineer. This doesn't mean I'm good at anything, I can't fix your computer, it just means I've been locked inside in front of mine for the better portion of the last five years, forsaking the sun, and yet gaining none of the cool abilities of other light-deprived night-stalking malefactors. But, at least I'm tall and solidly built, and somewhat socially capable... These things I hold dear to me in the face of Asian adversity.

Sleep now is good.


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