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Strike Update by Carey Printer Friendly

Before I begin my tirade on the PITA (pain in the a##) factor this strike in NYC is causing me, I'm going to ride Ray's butt for a moment. Perhaps it's the drink, maybe the fumes coming off the the Padre waters, or a conscious effort on his part to omit me as a strangeland writer that he knows. I took offense to his ommission of me, but since I am often accused of not paying too much attention to this website I quickly got over the pain. Enough on that subject, back to the crumbling economy and morale of NYC.

Today is the second day of the MTA Strike. I like so many other New Yorkers am feeling the stress brought on by it. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be waiting on the corner of my street at 6 a.m. for a ride into the city to my job that starts at 9:45 a.m. Wedged in the back seat between a few of my coworkers I caught a first-hand glimpse of some of the poor souls who did not have wheels and were forced to fight the bracing winds while walking across the Queens Bridge as the sun was beginning to rise. I also got to see a large number of ignorant or for their sake illiterate drivers trying to get onto the bridge with less then 3 other occupants in their vehicle. Maybe they missed the 30 minute news updates that clearly mentioned police check-points being set up at all entrances in Manhattan between 5-11 a.m. to ensure compliance to the mandatory 4 persons occupancy rule into effect due to the strike. Or maybe, they forgot their glasses and missed the billboard approaching the checkpoint that stated the same. Either way, there were some highly aggitated stupid drivers that were turned away and not allowed to cross the bridge.

I was wondering whether they just thought the rule was for everyone else and not them, or if they were really that dumb.

Anywho, I made it to work and found myself wondering how I was going to get back home after I taught my last class at 3 p.m. My employer conveniently forgot that detail and I, like so many others who work there, had to devise our own plan for getting back to Queens or whatever Burrough you happen to be unfortunate enough to live in.

So, I made my way on foot from East 86th street down to the Queens Bridge which is located on 59th street and then proceeded to walk across it all the while hoping I could manage to get home before the sun went down. The good news is that I did make it home in and hour and ten minutes and I was in my neighborhood by the time the streetlights came on. After looking up the distance on yahoo maps I found out it was only 4.5 miles from start to finish.

I also realized that can seem like 45 miles when your walking in the cold.

Today, I had travel plans to fly out of Newark Airport in NJ to see my family for the holidays. What was originally going to be an easy commute to the airport suddenly became a nightmare. How to get into NYC to get to NJ and still make it in time to catch my flight. I guess I could have gotten a cab to take me to Grand Central Station ($25.00) to board a private coach bus to drive me to NJ ($22.00) or maybe hire a car service to pick me up in Queens and drive me to Newark ($65-70.00). The aggravation and stress this strike is causing me (priceless).

Luckily, my niece is in town sightseeing (as far as their feet will take them) with her boyfriend. They are going back home tonight and have graciously invited me to share the car ride with them. I guess life sometimes grants you a reprieve every now and then.

So, I am wrapping up this long winded update to finish packing for the trip home. I wish you all a Merry Christmas or a Happy Whatever Holiday you happen to be celebrating this year. May the New Year bring peace and happiness, and of yeah...an end to this strike!


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