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How did I get conned into auctioning myself? by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

Let me start out by saying that my parents and anyone in my family cannot and I repeat CANNOT relay correct information.

I was told by my father that a woman called from the Dallas Peace Center, where I have been volunteering my graphics services that they would like to auction off my work at a silent auction they are hosting. After handing me the wrong number and not giving me her name due to not remembering her name, I decided if they really wanted my stuff she’ll just have to call me back.

On my lunch break I decided to go to the bank and deposit a paycheck that has been sitting in my bag for a while. On my way I happen to end up on the highway during rush hour lunch traffic and this lady calls me and starts babbling about who knows what. Something about silent auction blah blah blah graphic services blah blah blah $250 blah blah blah are you interested blah blah blah? Oh yes of course I said that would be great I said and hung up. After a while the information sunk in and I realized that I had just agreed to auction off my graphics services at this silent auction dinner! My immediate reaction was that I felt like a hooker of some sort. People are going to bid on me and I have to deal with whoever wins.

I have become a slave!


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