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I see... by Trey Printer Friendly

Iím trying to slow down tonight, because I saw it again, and I want you to see it to.

That slow glide of lights outside the window, the Chrysler, the Empire, the mountains of mankind, gliding by in silent splendor.

Between me and the city, as the car rolls by on slow silent wheels, thereís a triple smoke stack belching clouds of white, reaching up at the stars with three thin fingers.

Tonight, for a moment, it felt alive.

Lights and buildings like a train set, too perfect to be real, too perfect to be fake.

I laughed as I looked, and felt the city around me.

I chanced a turn to my fellow travelers and they do not see.

But that is fine. It is not necessary, because tonight they are only part of the whole. The mass, the frission, the worshipful hope for something else. They smile and they talk on their candy colored phones, making plans, making wishes, much too busy to see what I do.

But I digress, I want you to see it too.

We come out of the tunnel, all darkness and roar, bobbling and screeching along the worn tracks.

And we are born out of the tunnel to silence.

I lean against the window, my hand shades my eyes, as we glide.

I see the city, the mountains of mankind, glowing and calling.

It is beautiful, this city of mine, of yours, of ours, the mountains of mankind, gliding by on silent tracks, a hand shading our eyes,

So we can see clearly, the mountains of mankind, reaching for the stars with bony fingers.

We all feel more alive here, but most do not know why. But I know the secret of the mountains of mankind.

I see it rise, silent and tall, out of our hopes and our dreams.

We reach for the stars, hoping that God will not see, we rumble and we tumble out of that tunnel, out of dark and desperation, but most do not know what they seek.

Yet we are all climbing that mountain of mankind.

We come to think that we are above Ďall thatí and that we are all finally free from the bonds of our past, but it is obvious to me that we are all climbing those mountains of mankind that slide slowly, and glow softly out the windows of our mind.

We all hope to climb those mountains of mankind.

We all climb together, the girl on the phone making plans for tonight, too busy to see the life that she could have, the couple doing dance all settled in their seat, a foot forward, another back, do you see it? That step that will free you yet.

For me, I have not doubt, that thereís a God in heaven, looking about, watching us climb, with a half happy grin, those mountains of mankind, and back down again.

It is all there, on the top of the mountain, your wishes and your wants, your hopes and your dreams, all that you think matters, but doesnít really.

It all seems important, but even God knows, that all of us our trying to climb those mountains of mankind.


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