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How's it? by Jesse Printer Friendly

It's finals time at UT... which sucks, cause I was done thinking about this crap about two weeks ago and yet effort is still required of me. Damn you, Future, for weighing so heavily on me now. I know I fucked you over in the past, but must we really be at odds now? Oh, the past is you sister? Damn, dude, I didn't know. We cool? Cool. Alright.

It's not that I'm lazy... I actually feel the urge to productivity more than ever recently. It's just that I don't want to do what I should be doing. I want to write, or draw, or make T-shirts from all these designs I have in my head, or fashion things out of metal or clay or wood. Or just read. My mind hungers insatiably lately for words with meaning, that aren't cluttered with the technical engineering jargon and all the damnable equations. So many useless hows and not nearly enough interesting and fascinating whys.

So I've never made any introductions or anything, but I've noticed my stuff is at least somewhat of interest... A little nod from Trey to me and Dave Riley in the November opener, very sweet, I think rainbows shot out of my eyes. Which happens. As does this. But that's entirely different and absurd.

Was that an introduction? It's as close as I can get for now, I'm outta time. Ray, back to you.


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