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Dream is the method by which we have resolved to reconcile this we urge to be truth with that which, by any means, must be.


My world is a bath of color that sings to me, with motion to accompany and textured harmonies. The song appears as a vibrance until my own body, what there is of it, begins a chorus of its own and I taste the reverberance on a raindrop that falls repeatedly into the elegantly simple ceramic at my side. Twice the drops are living creatures, water bugs, dancing with each other and the resonant wave of the falling drop, and it's apparent that nothing that is can be out of step with the natural melody. I am hardly tangible anymore, there is only life and it courses through my self perception like a cool breeze, like lacey honeysuckle and fresh grass and a morning's dew. There is only peace and sensation, and no one sense is ever fully without the other, and my smile is the most natural of all things. Security, when around me is draped the universe like a child's blanket.


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