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Bluh by Ray Printer Friendly

All right, so I finally got my pictures posted, as well as what may be the most boring Portly Boy ever. The pictures arenít that good, the storyís not that good, and I just wrote some horrible things about your mother on the bathroom wall at the gas station down the street. What can I say, man? Iím a bad guy.

I would apologize, but bad guys only apologize while theyíre chuckling evilly, and I havenít quite got my evil laugh down, just yetóalthough Iíve been practicing. Which is why I havenít posted anything worth a damn for the past few days.

Itís gray and rainy today, though, which is when I feel the most inspired, so maybe Iíll get you something out worth reading. On the other hand, maybe Iíll just sit around and look out the windowóyou never can tell.


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