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Added three new sites to the Links section.

We now have a link to the Palace Theatre in my home town of Canadian Texas.

Back when it was a run down dump I used to saunter in on Monday night, pay my two bucks, nestle my 8 year old butt into one of the rock hard seats, and watch whatever socially responsible and horribly out dated movie they were playing. I even spent New Year's eve 2000 in the apartment upstairs with the manager Rob and crew when I could have been dying of asphyxiation in Times Square NYC. Only three of us made it till midnight that night. I was one, my GF wasn't. Of course, the powers that be decided that watching movies in a dingy collapsing theatre just wouldn't do anymore so a pile of money was sunk into the place and now it's really very nice. It's got THX certification, all sorts of fance retro doodads, comfy seats and a video store downstairs. If, on your way home from the liquor store, you get sucked into a wormhole and deposited in downtown Canadian Texas, it's definately worth a stop. You can even say 'hey' to Rob who's been running the place for as long as I can remember and has the coolest pad in town right on top.

A friend of mine up here in NYC has a blog (doesn't everyone?) I don't think she hangs out here much, but don't hold that against her because there's some stuff worth reading on "The Vile Moods of Sarah Sweeney".

I also added a link to Contort Media, home of our own Dave Riley. The man writes a lot more than just Shame-O, so check it out. Even pick up his book if you feel like it.

I'm still all ears for link suggestions. If we get a few more maybe I can remove some of those boring ones that have been on the page for almost two years now.


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