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Moving on Down by Carey Printer Friendly

I have been talking about moving on a semi-regular basis over the past year. Many of my friends still don't believe it's going to happen, and my family is hoping I will snap out of it and just stay put.

But, my dear readers, tonight marks the beginning of a very real event in my life. I just sold some furniture to a woman who saw my stuff on Craig's List. She not only purchased a kitchen unit I had advertised, but started looking around my place and asking if I wanted to sell anything else.

Of course I was not only unprepared for such a question, but I was also astonished that someone else would take a liking and interest in my things.

I quickly pointed out some things which I thought may or may not be of interest to her and lo and behold she said she would buy them.

This is truly a momentous occassion in my world. I realized after she had left that I was truly leaving NYC and the apartment I have called home for the past 7 years. I also realized I needed to start emptying the drawers of my now bought possessions and discovered I don't have a place to put them.

Luckily, I will be working at the nursing home tomorrow night where discarded boxes which once held adult briefs (or diapers if I may be so coarse), gloves, and various other medical equipment and neccesities are free for the taking.

I feel very strange right now. There's a mixture of fear and anxiety about the exodus of this place I call home sprinkled with a burst of hope and promise for what the future will bring.

I know my decision is a valid one and I've been disenchanted with my living conditions for some time, but that doesn't lessen the anxiety that arises knowing that a huge change is on the horizon.

Trey and I toured around Austin (the place we will soon call home) over the Thanksgiving holiday. As you may have read earlier, Ray was generous enough to lend his apartment to us and scarsely blinked and eye when we showed up at 2 a.m for shelter. I've discovered that there are some really cool places in Austin and I felt a certain sanity to the city that I don't really get from the Big Apple. With that said, I also realized that I am not ready to completely disengage myself from the urban lifestyle and quickly agreed with Trey that we need to find a place close to the action or at least a more bustling populated area that doesn't look too much like a suburb.

We did not get locked into one particular apartment or house on this visit, but we did get a feel for what the neighborhooods had to offer.

I am looking forward to embarking on this new adventure but not neccesarily the work that goes along with it. I guess that comes with the territory though.

This is not one of my best posts, in fact it reads more like a rant. But, I thought I would share a bit of what was on my mind tonight.


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