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From the admin by Trey Printer Friendly

A couple of things about the site.

I know some people have had trouble setting up photo galleries. I'm starting to think I need to rewrite the stuff and make it easier to use. I'm interested in any problems people have had setting up their galleries. Do me a favor and click the 'contact' link over there on the left and let me know if you've had any problems and what they were (if you don't wanna click the link, you can just email me at contact@thestrangelands.com).

I made one small bug fix (or workaround). Previously, on the Galleries page, if you had created an album with a blank name, it would show up as just a date on the page with no one to select it and delete it. Now you can also click on the date to edit the album. Might make more sense to just keep people from creating galleries with blank names, but that would have been more work.

Also, I've been thinking about updating the links page. I made it a couple of years back when I first put the site up. It really has no relation to the site as a whole. I'm willing to entertain any link suggestions people might have.


The Admin


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