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Iraq by Trey Printer Friendly

Itís been awhile since Iíve gone on a tearing political rant.

Your welcome.

Some might say that this site isnít about politics, but I figure this site is about whatever the hell anyone writing on it wants it to be about, and my panties are in a twist once again.

Iím not hear to turn republicans into democrats or democrats into republicans. Hell I donít even know where my own political arrow lies. Iím ashamed of my home stateís landslide passing of the anti-gay marriage bill, but Iím also a madly rabid capitalists who doesnít really have much sympathy for anyone who thinks this country paves itís streets with anything other than gold.

I was raised on a steady diet of sugar cereal, cross dressing cartoon rabbits, and swaggering big dick swinging John Wayne ass kicking war movies. I believe in free speech with no restrictions, that all men truly are created equal, and that steaks are best when theyíre thick and bleeding. I also believe that, for the most part, America is a force for good in the world. I have a bad habit of watching the intro to Patton every time we invade another country, and I was in downtown Manhattan on 9-11.

I also believe that most politicians are whining, sniveling, back biting ass kissers who are paying more attention to Gallup poles than their own conscience.

I donít give a damn what movie stars or Oprah think about world politics because I donít think theyíre any better informed than I am, and, secluded as they are in their little worlds of ego worship, most of them are probably less informed..

I donít care what all the liberal elites on either coast of this country think about whatís going on in Iraq. This country is not New York and L.A. This country is everything in between. Itís momís in minivans, big houses in the burbs, and people looking for that pair of jeans that magically makes their ass look like a Calvin Klein ad so they can keep sucking down cheese burgers and let their gym membership lapse.

What Iím saying is, this country is the normal people. And all I see lately are polls saying that the normal people in this country are rapidly losing faith in the Iraq war.

And that scares me.

It scares me because the war going on in the Middle East is the single most important event going on in the world right now, and how it plays out will shape the globe for the next fifty years or so.

We canít fuck it up.

Iím happy to lay a lot of this blame on Bush and his team. Iíll arm chair general them all day long. They fucked up a lot of things in the beginning, and theyíre still fucking up a lot of things now, but that doesnít mean we donít need to win this thing.

And unfortunately, as things stand now, the only thing we have going for us in Washington is George W. And that scares the hell out of me as well, cause Iím not sure the man is all there. But, at least I know that for the next 3 years heíll keep slugging away in Iraq the politics be damned. I just hope we can get this shit wrapped up in the next 3 years because itís looking like anyone in the political world with aspirations of replacing him are hightailing it the other way.

Thatís a tragedy.

The real pisser of this whole thing is, weíre winning this damn war everywhere but at home.

A common complaint from the main stream media parrots is that we should be fighting terrorists and that Iraq is just a distraction.

Thatís just plain wrong. We can kill all the Osama Bin Ladens we want. Crunch all you want, all those fucked up repressive hate filled countries over there will just make more.

The United States makes wealth and innovation. The middle east makes desperate, whacked out young men who see their only chance at paradise as a bomb belt.

Weíre talking about countries that let young girls burn alive in schools rather than risk them being seen without a burka, countries that lock up anyone who disagrees with them (take your pick), who think blowing up bus loads of kids and stoning people to death is acceptable behavior. Weíre talking about a culture that thinks their way of life is the only way of life, yet they canít even manufacture a pencil.

Weíre not at war with a couple of terrorists who are currently rotting away in the caves of Tora Bora. Weíre at war with a culture that celebrates itís suicide bombers more than itís doctors, who celebrate death over life.

And I know which side of that fight Iím on.

Now hereís the thing. You canít stop terrorists from blowing you up, not unless you cut yourself off from the rest of the world and turn this country into a police state. Weíre too big and open of a society to keep them out. And I like it that way.

To stop terrorists, you have to change the culture that breeds terrorism.

And that, friends and neighbors, is why we are in Iraq.

We are in a war of cultures. The World Trade center was blown up because it was a symbol of capitalism and democracy, of freedom and open borders. People from over 200 countries died when the towers collapsed. And 200 cultures meeting and trading peacefully in one place is modernism and shrinking borders at itís most pure.

That is what all those whacked out mullahís are afraid of. Thatís why that declare a Jihad against democracy when Iraqis are on there way to the polls. And if thereís one thing we saw in Iraq it is that people want democracy. They want to decide their own fates.

I for one am all for that. I understand that once we get Iraq on itís feet, if they want us to leave we will have to (and I suspect we will want to). If they donít adopt a system of democratic rule the same as ours, we have to accept that. But Iíll bet you a dollar to a donut they will never elect to go back to a repressive totalitarian regime like the one we blew up when we rolled through there.

And as for the terrorists, they are losing and even they know it.

Iím not going to link to all the news sources for this stuff because itís getting late, but Iíll lay out a few factoids for you and you can look them up on your own.

Native Iraqi insurgents are often fighting against Al Qaeda of their own accord. They donít like them in their country and they donít like them blowing up Iraqi civilians. They want them to leave and let them fight their own war against the Americans.

Al Qaeda has been furiously back pedaling and trying to cover their ass after they blew up those hotels in Jordan. After they turned a wedding party and a bunch of other arab hotel guests into a fine pink mist they rapidly claimed responsibility only to find a huge and unfamiliar back lash from the Arab world at large. Hundreds of people took to the streets chanting ďDeath to ZarquaiĒ.

Violence was very low during the October elections in Iraq, with even the Sunniís taking a bigger part in their countryís democracy.

Those are some of the bigger events Iíve run across in recent days. Al Qaeda is losing traction in the arab world as the society that has bred them is now on the receiving end of their particular philosophy. Even the tenor of Al Jazeeraís news coverage has changed, with Al Qaeda being cast in a more negative light that normal.

Al Qaeda has been reduced to kidnapping and drugging many of their recruits.

The arab world is finally being forced to look inward and face the sickness in their society.

That is why we are in Iraq.

Giving women the vote, building hospitals and schools, removing evil dictators from power, and creating a democracy in the heart of the Arab world, thatís all just icing on the cake.

Weíre winning the war on the ground in Iraq, and the only way we can lose is if we give up here at home. I for one hope we donít.


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