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Hide Me Open by Jesse Printer Friendly

The smooth, cool glass had fogged over and become spotted with his fingerprints. He stared down into his hand in contemplation of nothing in particular, sitting centered on his bed, his back against the wall, legs outstretched, and all was silent in his small apartment less the soft whirring of the fan in the corner and the occasional tiny ‘splish’ now and then as the grape kool-aid swirled in the snifter he held so lightly. Crisp, recirculated air filled his lungs and he sighed deeply, turning his head toward the mirror and brushing the hair away from his eyes as it drifted down into his face on the soft, indulgent current of air forced mechanically in his direction from across the room. He sipped his drink away, watching the reflection move it slowly to his lips and away again, and marveling at the vitality with which his stolid eyes expressed the gasping, shallow drowning of everything inside of him.

He had drained all the sweet purple nectar from the glass and now thought it well to part with the foggy, empty relic. Moving to set the glass on the night table was easy enough, and something to occupy a few seconds, so he leaned to do so. His body slid along the wall and kept sliding even after his fingers had imparted the glass upon its destination surface, and at last his head came to rest beside it. The scent of cedar was as impassively pleasant as the vision of the wood-grain pressed against and running parallel to his cheekbone. He lay this way, his arms hanging loosely from the edge of the bed, face pressed against the tabletop, and smiled vaguely in moving his attention to the 40 watts of warmth that cascaded down a short distance from the little office lamp now above his head, and it was almost enough to be some comfort to him as he stared at his empty glass, and watched it fill before him with the tangible loneliness of those moments. He drank it down again.

Entered By Jane Affleck From 153 Horton St
2007-01-18 08:40:51

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Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-02-02 03:35:40

Jane, you are a dirty whore. I mean that.

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