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A Story on Cue by Jesse Printer Friendly

Donny was a mouse of nominal stature, but all the other mice in the neighborhood new him as Big Donny...

Big Donny wooed the lady mice with phenomenal feats of chivalry and braveness, defending each of their honors valiantly at least twice since they've known him, and all respected Big Donny in the land of Mousendom.

So one day, while running errands for the elderly mice of Mousendom as Donny usually did on Thursdays, he happened upon an injured, muddy, and ragged cat in the path back from the town grocer. The cat scowled at Big Donny with only one good eye and tried to seize him, but was struck down before he could reach him in his terrible fit of pain.

"Holy crap." Donny said, setting down his groceries next to a log and stroking his whiskers, deep in thought, analyzing the situation. Donny, a generally smart mouse for the most part, knew little of medicine himself and soon decided it was best if he run back to the more civilized section of Mousendom to get help.

"Wounded cat!" cried Big Donny, sprinting breathlessly through the streets. "Wounded cat, someone help!"

Tiny mouse windows and tiny mouse doors opened all around him, and soon the street around him was filled with tiny mouse eyes glittering in the tiny mouse heads of his people. The mayor of Mousendom was located and the people rushed in a bustling mob back the way Big Donny had come.

Donny was tired and he lagged behind the mob that hurried down the road. They were out of sight for a bit, but Donny thought it would be understandable if he arrived a little later. He had done his noble job. He had gone for help. However, much to Donny's dismay, when he arrived on the scene of the cat's anguish once again, Donny found those he loved and respected pouncing on the helpless cat, beating it with their tiny mouse fists and biting it with their tiny, but razor-sharp mouse teeth. "No!! What are you doing?? Stop! You're suppose to help!" cried Big Donny, but even Big Donny's big, noble voice became that small sound of a tiny mouse amidst the maddened hoard of his countrymice.

Tiny mousen tears rolled from Big Donny's big, honest eyes as he watch in horror as the miserable cat meowed it's last painful meow and collapsed. The other mice dispersed with horrible grins and tiny mouse paws patting tiny mouse backs a job well done... But Big Donny stood bawling... He felt very small.

Big Donny was never seen or heard from in Mousendom again. His good deeds, and his disappearance went as unnoticed among his people as his cries for mercy on that day in the path to the Mousendom grocer.

The End.


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