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Now you see in movies, all the time, about mutation bestowing an enormous power and responsibility, and it always seem to fall upon the shoulders of the unaware, the unready, even the unwilling. This is not to say that nature in all its strange, profound wisdom does not work this way. On the contrary, it seems entirely logical that to progress any particular change, any advancement of a species, the gift would have to be allocated to a reasonable portion of the population to provide possibility enough for the change to take hold. However, it would be these unimaginative few who would be touched by the hand of fate and be eventually or even quickly discarded as they either ignore their new abilities or try to use the new tools in traditional ways. The same way a drill would make a much better drill than it would a hammer, it takes a flexibility of mind, a desire to brave new paths, and a curious inate sense of initiative to set a legged fish upon the land or loose a psychic upon the fertile ground of the minds of men - and walk among them untouched by frustration, by insanity, by fear of the unknown, but instead invigorated, challenged, exhilarated and fascinated, thankful and brave enough to explore the undeniable and extraordinary power of the human mind unleashed.

That was all very deep. I'm sure you're fascinated now. The fact is, that back when we were normal, that shit used to piss my brothers and I off more than anything. We talked about it often. How regrettable it really would be for power like that to be wasted - that, in fact, any response other than pushing your limits and learning as quickly as possible the full range of your new capabilities, would be like a sacrilege. I knew that if we ever had a chance like that, we'd make the best of it. And if there were others, we'd be the best of those. Beyond a doubt, we were unlike anyone else as it was, before things started getting interesting. What made us different? We were ready for it.


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