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Why do Strange People Want to take my Picture? by Emily Kattan Printer Friendly

To my luck I happen to have an old friend who is a Playboy Playmate, Miss August 2003. This year marks the 50th anniversary for Playboy; therefore about 10 playmates are currently on tour traveling 25 cities. So when I was informed that the tour stops in Dallas and Miss August asked me if I would like to attend the event, I said of course why wouldnít I see my best friend for 10 years in the limelight!?!

When I arrived at Blue around 10ish with a friend of mine we knew the second we stepped foot in there that we didnít belong there. The place was filled with mostly men in suits old and young. Some even brought their skankely dressed girlfriends to celebrate this joyous occasion. We looked at each other and walked directly to the bar for a nice fat drink! We walked around the place to check it out and to find my Blue Bunny Playmate while Dita Von Tease did her little old fashioned stripe tease which consisted of pouring champagne on herself than taking a champagne bath in a large stemmed glass. During this I tried to get a picture but I was yelled at by a woman who said I wasnít allowed to take pictures of Miss Von Teese.

My friend and I decided to sit in the corner and drink our drinks while making fun of all the losers that paid $65 to attend the event and the bigger losers who paid $150 to be VIP.

After a while we found the blue bunny upstairs and thatís when the night turned fun. For some reason random people wanted to take pictures of my friend and I. We kept telling them we are nobody and we are not associated with anything Playboy but they didnít care. They wanted to take pictures of us together and some even wanted to be in the picture with us. Havenít these people ever seen a girl before!?!?!

Pictures are posted in Emilyís Gallery.


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