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Estrangement by Carey Printer Friendly

A disconnect exists and it's rearing it's head every low moment on the ship.

Calm waters that have been navigated a thousand times before, now so unfriendly

and impassable.

Lacking the desire to understand the toll this journey is taking on this tired vessel, instead seeing it as a burden and something to be broken.

Captain and crew press on.

Tired creaking planks that have been beaten down by the oppressive waves unrelentingly washing over it's decks.

The captain suddenly brimming with life offers no excuses for the tired crew.

With little regard for the stragglers and dead wood he forges ahead.

A splintering sound begins to reach ear splitting decibels.

The reliable old vessel is breaking apart from the pressure of this insurmountable experience.

Water gushes over the deck and the captain tumbles overboard.

The ship can no longer stay afloat and begins to slowly sink.

A last look before his lungs are filled with biting cold sea water and a smile spreads across the captain's weathered face.


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