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Another Month by Trey Printer Friendly

About a year ago I turned over the new issue responsibilties to our boy Ray. After all, he's kept this site rolling through the lean times. But, apparently the man is hurling through the ether somewhere, making his way home, so I figure I'll pick up the gauntlet this time and give the man some support.

So, you're left with my random ramblings on this late fall evening.

Personally, I have been slacking. Last month is the first month I left without a post. Fortunatly we have a couple new and talented people to pick up the slack.

Dave Riley and Jesse, we're glad to have you aboard, whoever you are.

Left to my own devices, drunk and smoking, late on a tuesday night, I'm feeling a bit philosophical. Maybe it's the tune'age curling in thick ribbons from my ratty speakers, a copy of a copy of a cd left behind after a party that lasted much too late, but the world seems broken open tonight. Ripe for a new view.

This site was born in a fit of drunkeness by two friends wallowing in possibilities that are glimpsed, wavering and etheral, just over the horizon.

Maybe you, dear reader, have been fortunate enough to have an evening, the sun long gone and come again, the bottle just empty, where conversation ceases to be a means to fill the silence and instead becomes it's own beast, clawing at the bounds of existence wanting to break free. That point where the edges of reality have thinned to translucence and you realize that with a little bit of faith and a dose of luck anything can happen .

The strangelands was born in a fit of optimisim that there are people out there like us, who have something to get off their chest, who have something that they want to say, who believe that the life thrown up on the flashing TV screens of this world are an illusion and what really matter is the story inside ourselves.

A thought to think, a story to tell, a world to create.

It can all happen here.

The years roll by. The experience and wisdom piles up, heavy in pain and knowledge, but here we remain. True believers in all this world has to offer. There are no victims here, only those who believe in something beyond what society says we should be.

The killer of it is, I believe in the strangelands. It was born in the purity of an idea and it remains as a testemant to the possibilites that we all hold inside ourselves.

So, whether you take the plunge and lay out your posts for the judging world to see or whether you lay back and just read the ramblings of kindred minds, we're glad you're here.

Know this, without you, we are alone, just howling at the moon and hoping that someone is listening.

I believe in the strangelands as something more than the words it contains, and I hope you do as well.

Together we'll roll into this strange and wonderful world with excited eyes open to the possibilities.

So, in this place that we can all call our own, come along for another month of hopes, dream, rages and possibilities.

The one thing I hope we never see here is apologies for this should be the place we can all be ourselves, warts and all. It's a big world, and we're all only human, so come along with me for another month of reaching across that horizon for something true. Here at the strangelands, every time we set foot out our door, a new world awaits us. We're glad you're here, and stick around. It only gets better...




for those of you who are curious, I'm listening to "Believer 25th Issue." courtesy of JFK Harris wherever he is.


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