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Mother's Milk by Jesse Printer Friendly

In 2185, things had gotten out of hand. The latest and thus far most outrageous boom generation had just come of age in a U.S. already suffering from overpopulation and the accompanying joblessness and poverty. It was a state of destitution not at all put off by the corporate lawlessness that took hold after a disasterous and totally unprecendented swing in voter affection for a group calling themselves "Limbaughlites"... Which we few left of the old school thought very ironic and suggested that perhaps "Limbaugheavies" would have been more appropriate - but no one understand humor like that these days.

So, the country limps along for awhile. People aren't happy and there are way to many of them, and nobody's doin shit for dimes about it - cause they're either too chickenshit or too stupid, take your pick, either way you've got a bunch of fuckwads pushing each other around, causing mischief like nobody's business.

Just a few years ago, it became obvious to a number of legislators that personal reprocussions were just not enough to dissuade would-be murderers and rapists and the likes of those committing the most grievous of crimes against their fellows. It was then that the "Mother's Milk" Bill passed into law. Effectively, it was a stroke of desperation from Washington, the exasperated sigh of our leaders' collectively plagued consciousnesses. Having seen that a "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" policy was not working; the fear of death even failing to keep citizens from picking up a gun or big stick and whacking his neighbor into the next existence. Indeed, our government has grown increasingly efficient at detecting guilt and even swift in delivering capital punishment - I know I've personally voted for loads of politicians over the years simply cause I knew they took to clippin wiseguys like kids to sodapop.

So they figured they'd try "do unto other as you would have done unto your mother". Surely, even a person with no respect for his or her own life would think twice about their actions if it jeopardized their relationship with, or even the very life of, the woman would cared for and carried them.

Few credited the bill with much weight. It was too absurd. The violation of human rights, the persecution of the acknowledgedly innocent. They all thought it was a joke in the form of governmental procedure - not unheard of by this point, the government was really going to shit on lots of levels and people's sense of humor had long inhabited the place.

But then there was State of Wisconsin v. Mortimer Brown - previously convicted on several counts of petty larceny, finally took the step up to murder and was sentenced for his crime... to the immediate extinguishing of his mother, Amelia Brown, shot dead that instant by the courtside executioner, whereafter he was ordered to rise and, following the certification of death by the coroner, dig the slug out for reuse on himself.


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