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What a Day Today Is by Jesse Printer Friendly

I was smiling lightly and stepping briskly, making my way out of the computer lab to eventually make my way toward my bus and toward home. Nothing unusual about that. Things just happen sometimes. I have these urges, flashes in my head, that I've managed for the most part to never act on.

Except... Well today on my way from the lab, I saw a guy coming the other way. He wasn't as tall, nor as broad, nor likely as dense as I am, but he was fairly well groomed and dressed in a popular style and smiling lightly as I was, but that faded. His sunglasses had caught my attention, a little too feminine for a person like him - it didn't line up, so I sunk a heavy fist into his stomach as he passed, or, would have passed, I guess, if I hadn't dropped him like that, blissfully, out of nowhere. The word 'faggot' escaped from between my teeth even as he fell, slipping from his crumpled pose over my arm to the cold tiled floor. He rolled, and coughed, and his eyes were wide and reddening as he looked up at me.

"But I'm not gay!" he managed. "And that would make it alright if you were?" I asked incredulously.

His eyes were wide clouds of confusion then, as I turned to walk away. People rushed to help him up, but he sat there, still and staring. He had to be thinking it over, what just happened, over and over in his mind. "I'm a bigot." he thought, and he was numb. "I'm a bigot and I deserved that."

Entered By Jim Johns From 70 Horton St
2007-01-18 08:40:48

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