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It's Raining, it's pouring by Carey Printer Friendly

If you're anticipating a charming witty yarn detailing my struggles on how I pay my rent then you better stop reading pronto. If of course you're the type of person who enjoys smug New Yorkers wallowing in their woes, then read on.

I am asleep in bed, with earplugs in mind you, catching up on much needed ZZZZs when I am awakend to the noise of a very loud dripping faucet.

My first instinct is to attend to the matter obviously taking place in my bathroom and then shuffle back into bed as quickly as possible. Between blurry eyed slits I make my way to the offending noise only to see it is not my faucet that's leaking but actually the sound of raindrops falling from my closed window onto my living room floor. And from the looks of it has been going at a rapid pace for quite some time.

I kid you not, it's raining in my apartment and my windows are closed. This of course is not a new situation for me. I have been complaining to my landlord for the past 4 years that my windows and ceiling have been known to leak during a rainstorm. He of course has ignored me and even once told me that the roof had already been repaired after my last request. All I have to say to the Man is, "you were robbed!" Not only do I have weepy walls in various locations in my apartment, but the ceiling is literally falling down in the kitchen and never seems to dry out. I can also count on wiping up huge puddles in both my living room and kitchen after the briefest period of precipitation because the damage has gotten so bad.

I decided it was time to take action and make the best of a bad situation. So, as an added home decor accent I have two umbrellas strategically placed in front of the leakiest window in my living room deflecting the showers from above and protecting my air conditoner from any further mold build-up. It's quite lovely I assure you, and I am sure Better Homes and Gardens will be toting this clever design scheme in there next issue.

Thankfully, this no win situation will be happily solved by February. I will be blazing a trail with Trey to the wide open spaces and seeking a place that will give me shelter from the storm.


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