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Bad Poetry In Two Minutes by Ray Printer Friendly

One more, just in case you want one. Stupid-early in the morning, work in a bit, but why not?

Fear in the back, nibbling,

What will tomorrow bring?


Hot forehead and a fever that won’t go away,

Listening to the chicken soup stare,

Hoping that this isn’t nearly

As bad as it seems.


Dark moments from the night before,

I think I heard you laughing,

But it could have been



Dropping everything

In the Hopes that

It will bounce,

Or break.


The memories of sweat and cigarette smoke,

Sweet and sour and distant,

Until the song of the stairway

Sneaks into my ears.


Cold everything and hot nights

And wondering where the

Remote Control is.



I remember the view of

The City,

From all my perspectives,

And I miss it.


And that took two minutes,

Not including the

Shot I took

That I shouldn’t have.


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