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Insomnia by Carey Printer Friendly

Do you ever have one of those nights when you feel like you'll never fall asleep, and then by the time it happens it's time to roll out of bed and face the world a tired mess?

I think I am experiencing another one of those tonight. I thought I about kicked this nasty plague of sleeplessness because yesterday I was off into dream-land as soon as my head hit the pillow. And, it was really nice getting up without having deep dark circles under my eyes or bags that could compete with samsonite luggage. But, here I am again in the wee hours of the morning typing away when I should be snoozing.

Everyone seems to have their ideas and cures for this ailement too. Try counting sheep, drink a glass of warm milk, take a few shots of booze, all these practices don't work I tell you. Perhaps if I did them all at once I might have a shot at the land of nod, but I am not that brave.

So, instead I babble on about how desperately I'd like to join those narcoleptics and never have to worry about napping ever again.

Where is this heading? WHO KNOWS? Perhaps it's time for me to bring out the big guns and heat up some milk with a shot of bourbon in it. I figure either way I will fall asleep from it, or get so tired from the incessant vomitting which will surely follow from consuming it. Wish me luck sleepy heads ;)


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