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Time To Get Your Crayons And Your Pencils by Ray Printer Friendly

So I added some new pictures. None of them are very good—I think the title of the new gallery will explain. Carey’s got a few new pictures, too…of her dog. There’s a kid in the pictures, too, but I’m pretty sure that’s just for padding—I mean, nobody wants to be the crazy lady that just sits around taking pictures of their dog, right?

Carey, you’re like the crazy cat lady on The Simpsons, but instead of loads of cats, you just have one dog. Make a decision, man: either quit being the crazy lady or get some more pets. I’m just saying.

Anyways, back to me, because that’s what I like to talk about. I got some new pictures posted. I was trying to get it to where my weight bench would fit in my office, and I ended up deciding that moving heavy shit all around really sucks. So I just started scanning pictures in, instead. Some of them don’t look like anything, some of them look like things that they really aren’t. The quality sucks, so if that’s some sort of affront to you, just stay away.

I’ve noticed that lots of people are scared by all the words we use on the site—you wouldn’t believe how many times I hear shit like, “Yeah, man, I want to check out your site, but there’s just so much to read"—so I’m going to try to add more pictures from this point on. Here’s one, now (only click if you know about Gwen Stefani). See, don’t we all feel better? Well, except for those who don’t know about Gwen’s last hit—and, frankly, they probably don’t need as much cheering up as those of us that have heard it.

Anyways, I have to go to bed now. But before I do, look at this: …… Believe it or not, that guy has seen my ass. Like no messing around, he has seen my naked ass, all flying around through the air...which is an entirely different story. Creepy, right?

Well, that’s what I’m here for: to be creepy.

Night, Li’l Homies.


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