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Resignation Letter by Ray Printer Friendly

I just finished typing my resignation letter. Itís shortóonly three or four sentencesóand itís pretty lame. But it has a date on it, and thatís the important thing. I donít know what Iím going to do, if you want to know the truthótry to do something with this writing thing, maybe take a few walks, I donít know.

Itís frightening as shit, if you want to know the truth. Iíve quit jobs before, and Iíve quit them in all sorts of reckless ways that make this resignation look like a yearís advance notice. Iíve quit jobs without thinking twice about what Iíll be doing next. Trey showed up one night, asked me if I wanted to take a ride out to California with him, and I was gone.

Iím sure my boss appreciated thatóone second heís just standing there, watering his plants and enjoying his Saturday off, and the next, heís got some shithead kid telling him that he (the shithead kid) wonít be at work on Monday, or any of the days after that. It was too bad, because I liked the guy and he deserved better than that. On the other hand, I had a chance to take a road trip to California with my best friend, a chance to shed a couple of fears and learn a few more things, and a chance to see a world outside of the town of Canadian, Texas: population 2,700. Because being stuck in a world where your business is everybodyís business, where you drink yourself to sleep every night because the thought of waking up to the same exact thing tomorrow is enough to keep you awake, and the only thing youíre going to learn about yourself is how many times youíll take back the same cheating girlfriendówell, I deserve better than that.

Donít get me wrongóCanadian isnít a bad place. Itís just not for me. I was in neutral, revving my engine, stripping my gearsÖkilling myself, as it were. And I went back, if you want to know the truth. I took my trip with Trey, we went out into the world, and I ended up in Canadian once more. I left again shortly after that, and lasted away for about six months(?) I think. Could be wrong about that one, hence the question mark in parentheses. Once more, I was back in Canadian. It wasnít so bad, of course, because by then I was working for my sister at her print shop, which mostly meant playing with my nephew.

And then Trey was there again, asking would I like to live in NYC for a bit. I went for a visit, and he took my up on his roof that first night. I looked out at the city, at the buildings, at the life, and I was terrified. I told him I was in.

Every time Iíve left home, Iíve been scared to do it. But nothing compared to the way I felt a few days before a plane took me to the East coast. My belongings had been mailed in three boxes, my car was sold, and I was traveling across the country without a job, without any savings, and without a clue as to what would happen to me.

What ended up happening was I ran up a credit card debt of about eight grand, and I met my princess. Guess which one of those is the good thing. We eventually decided to move back down to Texas, and that was scary as shit, too. I was able to transfer, though, so I knew we would have an income when we arrived. Of course we didnít have an apartment, we didnít have any friends in the area, and I knew next to nothing about it. We found a great place to live, and itís been good. Ups and downs, of course. And I fucking hate retail, customer service, and customers.

So now itís time to move on, itís time to do something new, itís time to take that next step. And Iím scared, man. There are things you just donít do, you know? And when you have a decent paying job, you donít quit it just because you donít like it. And you for sure donít quit when you have no other prospects. And you for sure donít quit when you have absolutely no plans to get another job.

ďOf course you donít,Ē my princess tells me. ďBut, baby, if we just hung around not doing the things we werenít supposed to do, we never would have met.Ē

I love that girl, and Iím not just saying that because sheís telling me to get out of retail. Iím not just saying that because sheís pretty much going to give me a chance to live my dream of a life time. Iím not just saying that because she has the greatest ass Iíve ever seen on a real-life human being.

Iím saying it because sheís the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Iím saying it because sheís my happily-ever-after girl. Iím saying it because sheís exceptionally smart, sheís funny, and she keeps me safe from the fires of idiocy that seem to constantly surround me.

And Iím saying it because she has the greatest ass Iíve ever seen on a real-life human being. Yeah, I know I said it wasnít because of that, but whateveróif you saw her ass, you would probably fall in love, too.


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